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  How The Wild Things Pray, Cover

How The Wild Things Pray

(1999) "A joyful experience: humorous and holy. An absolute delight!" Macvrina Wiederkehr "What a delight! A menagerie, a bestiary, a swarm of critters....pray, weasel, whine, whisper. . .their worship and need of God. A gift for keeping yourself and giving away to a dozen of your friends...." Megan McKenna "A wonderful, lighthearted way to teach not only prayer but the whole spiritual life...." Kathleen Fischer and Thomas Hart "...A creation-centered psalter.... Enchanting...." Jim Conlon "...A testament to his creative imagination and his deep caring for all of creation...." Jane Blewett (Forest of Peace, $12.95) or Amazon at discounts.


How The Wild Things Pray by William Cleary is a collection of prayer-poems written from the perspective of forty different "wild things" - birds, insects, fish, fowl, and other animals- that lightheartedly teaches the reader wisdom about nature, human nature, prayer and life itself.

The author's introduction describes the variety of wild things in the animal kingdom as earthen wonders whose astonishing meaning is waiting to be discovered. Then the overly eager beaver, the haughty rooster, the wily fox, the fearful alligator, the awesomely powerful flea and their cousins in creation speak delightful prayers that offer their unique perspectives on their relationship to God and the wisdom of their being. Brief "footnotes" to each character's whimsical prayer-poetry give further entertaining insight into their individual nature and character.

Following each prayer is an equally insightful and humorous "Praxis for Today" that extends the wisdom gained from the praying creatures into the practical daily life of the reader: how the hawk's nature leads us to a higher perspective, the eel shows us the art of shocking people, the ostrich instructs us on facing our fears, the antelope inspires us to get a spiritual workout, the bookworm guides us in the art of reading the Bible sideways, the hen leads us to pray to She Who Is, and the bloodhound to letting God catch up with us.

Sprinkled throughout are poignant quotes from well-known writers that put each praxis into focus. The book is also enhanced by numerous illustrations and full-color cover art. With a preface by Jane Redmont, author of When in Doubt, Sing. ....(Forest of Peace Publications $12.95)

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from page 54

A Bedbug's Blanket Blessing
(Many noble professions are underappreciated)

I bless my job, I bless my life,
I bless my destiny!
My medical vocation
Fits my temper to a tee.

I love the task of testing blood
To see if it is sweet,
Make sure it serves your body parts,
Especially your feet.

I come at night to taste your blood
With perfect bedside care,
And should I find you are unwell,
I add you to my prayer.

I also check the birds and bats
To keep them healthy too,
So "bedbud" is no name for me,
A "Nurse-Bug" is more true.

I never dreamed when I was young
Such grace on me would flood.
Behold! The Nurse-Bug of the World!
(God, may I check your blood?)

Praxis for Today: Find Happy Friends p. 55 etc.

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