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  Lighten Your Heart, Cover

Lighten Your Heart

"...A leap of grace and a creative dance": Anthony Padovano. (Forest of Peace $9.95) /discounts at Amazon.com


Amid life's ups and downs, everyone needs a little solace and healing. In Lighten Your Heart, author William Cleary offers just that and is sure to lighten your heart in the process.

With clever rhymes and a healthy blend of the silly and the sublime, you will see yourself mirrored in the actions of creatures both great and small. Consider "A Compliant Zebra's Complaint." Ponder "A Penitent Parrot's Apology". Smile with "Snoozetime For A Snail," and twenty-three other poetic musings. These heartfelt prayers contemplate loneliness, beauty, mediocrity, and a host of other common concerns and feelings

Dorry Clay's lighthearted illustrations add character and personality to the prayer words of these wise and wonderful creatures. ....(Forest of Peace Publications $6.95)

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From p. 30

Please explain, dear God of Light,
Why it's so hard to know what's right,
      Why it's so tough for birds like me
       To crack the nuts of mystery.

Yes, I am famous from my youth
For heady searches for the truth,
     Chestnut or acorn, none's too tough
     If I just smack it hard enough.

Using my bill for a hatchet blade,
Wham! and it's cracked, its wealth displayed,
     Yes, but meanwhile my head's in pain,
     Eyes that won't focus, neck with a sprain.

Why, when the thirst for wisdom wakes,
Knowledge such bloody entrance makes?
     Why hide the truth that life should teach
     Under a shell, so out of reach?

Nuthatchers ask -- but Silence reigns,
All we can do is bruise our brains,
     Bashing our beaks through hull and husk,
     Hunting sweet wisdom, dawn to dusk. . . .

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