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  The Lively Garden Prayer Book, Cover

The Lively Garden Prayer Book

(l997) "A thoroughly enchanting book" Dennis and Sheila Linn "Once again, a perfect blend of holiness and imagination" Anthony Padovano "Insightful and delightful..." Thomas Hart and Kathleen Fischer. (Forest of Peace Publications $9.95) /discounts at Amazon.com


Studies have shown that the "prayer" of gardening, like meditation, heightens relaxation, increases self-esteem, stimulates the senses and reduces blood pressure. This book of lighthearted prayer-poems and "backyard theology" will make you aware of God in your garden — whether a full acre or window-box planter — helping it grow into another Eden!

If you love to garden — or know anyone who does — this book will give any garden more Springtime Life than a good rain or dose of manure. . .and it makes a perfect gift!

Introduction by Miriam Therese MacGillis, founder of Genesis Farm, an ecological learning center....(Forest of Peace Publications $11.95)

Buy it (Hopkins Bookshop) Buy it (Amazon)

"This little book comes as a prayer.  May we hear in it the prayer of the earth itself, yearning to shake us up out of our sleep and entrance us with the wonder and beauty of her creativity. . ."  Miriam Therese MacGillis, from the Introduction.

From page 14
A Gardener's Springtime Prayer

Here are my hands, Spirit of Earth and Space,
mysterious Wisdom within and behind everything that is
   and is promising,

Gardener ever ancient, ever new,
   who fashioned out of those colossal explosions at our beginning
   all the avenues to life, to its complexities,
   and to the communion we are destined for,
   here are my hands.

Give them the skills of a midwife
   to put good order into expectations,
   to coax along the natural forces of life and growth
      that are already within the earth,
   and to help wisely with the harvesting.

Here are my hands,
   and here are my dreams.

Part One:  "Prayers of Garden Plants A to Z" :Acorn, Broccoli, Carrot, Dogwood, Endive, Farkleberry, Garlic . . .down to Xigua, Yam and Zucchini.

Part Two:  "Prayers of Garden Creatures" (18 in all from Dung Beetle to Love Bug) and "A Backyard Theology" with comments on Seeds, Earth, Dung, Rain . . . down to Growth and Justice.

Plus a bonus of dozens and dozens of gardening hints.

More Excerpts...


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