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  Prayers and Fables, Cover

Prayers and Fables

(l998) Illustrated. "An amazing book, penetrating the heart of each fable. A near perfect prayerbook...." J.M., Arlington, Va. "A valuable and useful tool for walking the spiritual path" Eugene Bianchi. (Sheed & Ward $12.95) /discounts at Amazon.com


“God Most Knowledgeable, Most Intelligent, Most Wise, can you help me to win something like $5 million for a $1 investment?” So begins just one of the quirky prayers based on Aesop’s fables in this witty collection. Cleary has put 50 fables back into verse, and included a brief moral and prayer.

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From p. 11
A Man Is Undone By Two Loving Wives

There once was a time, very long, long ago,
     When a man with TWO wives was thought bolder,
So one middle-aged fellow whose hair was half grey
     Married two wives, one young and one older.

The younger thought Hubby should always look young,
      So she'd pull out grey hairs from his head,
But the older wife wanted a mate her own age,
      So she'd snatch out the black hairs instead.

Of course he was flattered they loved him so much
     And rejoiced he was multiply wed
Till one morning he looked in the mirror to find
     There was not one hair left on his head.

MORAL: Wanting too much can leave one empty-handed.

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