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  Prayers to She Who Is

Prayers to She Who Is

(l995) Illustrations by Jean Morningstar SNJM. "A blessing for women, for the church, and for the world" Joan Chittister. "...A very beautiful book..." Elizabeth Johnson, author of She Who Is (Crossroad $15.95) /discounts at Amazon.com


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Before you can really understand this effort, you have to read Elizabeth Johnson's major work She Who Is-- and you can find it at Amazon.com.  That prize-winning study has been widely proclaimed a real breakthrough in theological reflection -- but of course it is not the easiest book in the world to read.  Prayers To She Who Is attempts to make that major work accessible and even "useable" to ordinary people.

From p. 78

Holy Sophia, She Who Is,
   you are the relational mystery of life
   who desires the liberated human existence of all people made in your image,
   who desires the enlightened development of all our human race,
   and inspires in us today a new caringness for our earthly home.

Fill our hearts with your desires
   so we can participate fully in a commnal human destiny,
   worthy of your loving plan.

Creating Mystery, gifting, leading, freeing,

In you we live and move and have our being.

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