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  Praying Your Story, Cover

Praying Your Story

Since the world was about a day old, we humans coaxed ourselves and each other along with stories, which we sang, danced, dramatized and prayed. William Cleary prays them with uncommon panache the tall stories and small stories, from the lovesick cat to the amorous lion, from St. Paul to Dorothy Day, from blank verse to nifty rhymes, whistling for the hound of heaven."

Michael J. Farrell, Former Editor National Catholic Reporter
Forest of Peace Publishing/discounts at Amazon.com


Praying Your Story provides a fresh, humorous, warm and wise perspective from which we can make sense of our lives, even when our world seems crowded with the unjust, irrational and absurd. Based on the unforgettable, wisdom-bearing fables of Aesop and the life-enhancing qualities of a variety of classic and contemporary saints, William Cleary offers a collection of contemplative, often offbeat, prayers that illumine the meaning, value and triumph of life. Cleary’s poetic, original adaptations of Aesop’s tales and his depictions of the bravery, trust, patience and insight of inspiring holy women and men reflect back to us the challenge and promise of our own life stories. They call, empower and inspire us in our struggle to live hope-filled, meaningful lives and to pray our unique stories....Forest of Peace Pub..

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