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19. The Sun Plans a Wedding

Once upon a summer's noon
A parrot spread the news that soon
        There'd be a glorious wedding of the Sun!
What joy! said Pig, What ecstasy!
I'll dance a jig!
he said in glee,
        And all the other creatures joined the fun.

Until an aged Toad said, WAIT!
Have you reflected on our fate
        If we get much more heat around these parts?
Suppose when wedding bells are done
Are born ten children of the sun?
        We'd have ten times the heat he now imparts!
        A thing that some call ecstasy
        For others may be tragedy,
             So much of life depends upon your plight!

The ancient toad then looked around:
The pig was staring at the ground,
        And all the creatures nodded he was right.

MORAL: Happy occasions for some can be devastating events for others.

from the book Prayers and Fables and the forthcoming book Aesop's Best: 80 Fables in Verse by William Cleary



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