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14. A Milkmaid Dreams Too Much

A milkmaid walked along a road
        With a bucket of milk on her head,
Let's see! How many dozen eggs
        Could I buy with this milk?
she said.

Ten dozen at least, she thought, she'd get,
         So a hundred chicks I'll own,
And half I'll sell and half I'll keep
        And raise them till they're grown.

Then THEY'LL lay eggs on every side
        Which I'll sell at the market place
And buy me a gown which will charm a prince
        Whom I'll capture without a chase.

He'll bow like this! and I'll bow to him --
        But her bow sent her milk for a spin,
And down came her dreams of a royal throne
        With a castle and prince thrown in.

MORAL: Smart day-dreamers keep one eye open.

from the book Praying Your Story and the forthcoming book Aesop's Best: 80 Fables in Verse by William Cleary



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