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21 The boastful rooster

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23 A hunter hunts

24 A swan sings

25 An eagle dies

26 The foolish crab

27 A reckless deer

28 The foolhardy shepherd

29 A wolf refuses

30 A wily fox

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26. The Foolish Crab Moves to the Land

A crab once climbed out of the sea
To take a walk on land,
Oh, this is where I ought to live,
He said, The breeze is grand!

        Just then a starving fox ran by
        And saw that wandering fool
         Ah-ha! Crab legs for lunch, he thought
        And he began to drool.

One jump and crab was in his teeth!
Cried crab, I'm such a dope!
I lost the pleasant life I had
To chase a phantom hope.

MORAL: It is wise to appreciate what you have.

from the book Praying Your Story and the forthcoming book Aesop's Best: 80 Fables in Verse by William Cleary



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