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38 The tricky wolf

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38. The Tricky Wolf Dons Sheep's Clothing

There once was a wolf as sharp as a pin
Who loved to dress in an old sheep's skin
So shepherds would not see him creep
Among the flocks of grazing sheep.

Then he would kill and eat his fill
Whenever he came up the hill
Where shepherds like to spend the day
Safe, they thought, from danger's way.

        One day the shepherd thought he'd take
        The fattest mutton home to bake,
        With arrow poised, his bow he bent --
        And shot THAT WOLF by accident!

         O, what a fool I am , wolf said
        And wept because he'd soon be dead,
         I thought my fine disguise was slick
        But caught myself in my own trick.

MORAL Disguises can be dangerous.

from the book Praying Your Story and the forthcoming book Aesop's Best: 80 Fables in Verse by William Cleary



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