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Group One

1 Alligator

2 Anemone

3 Ant

4 Antelope

5 Aphid

6 Armadillo

7 Badger

8 Bat

9 Bear

10 Beaver

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I haven't time to pray,
There's work to do today.
My ant brigade
is underpaid
and rushed in every way.
I'm just a nervous wreck,
with pains in back and neck.
Call me a creep,
this ant hole's deep
and I'm no architect.

So labor is my prayer,
and mostly it's despair.
My friends and I
dig, haul, and sigh,
and swear that life's unfair.   

Dear God, forgive our tears,
our grumblings and our fears.
Come, do your will
in our ant hill,
until our Christ appears.
He'll crawl among us then,
an ant-hill citizen.
And teach us ways
to give you praise
our plight.   

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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