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Group One

1 Alligator

2 Anemone

3 Ant

4 Antelope

5 Aphid

6 Armadillo

7 Badger

8 Bat

9 Bear

10 Beaver

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"One of the least": that's me.
"Magnificent God": that's thee.
How dare I flap my wings for your attention?
Still I am moved to prayer
Partly because you're there,
And I am here, almost too wee to mention.

Why do they call me "pest"
When I just try my best
To play my role in this great cosmic dance?
Creation's wonderful!
No one's despicable!
All of us come from Love, and not from Chance!

Folks call me "enemy,"
Try to get rid of me
Though I should rank sky high in their esteem:
First of all, I can fly,
Second, I multiply
Better than Einstein could in his wildest dream.
(Bisexual too, you know,
Twelve generations grow
In just one summertime: that's no extreme.)

Great God of Mystery,
Help human minds to see
Reverence is due to all, both high and low,
Though they get rid of me,
To do it respectfully,
And only so more amazing life may grow.

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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