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My heart is sad, my MOOOOd is black,
The MOOOOn is down, alas, alack,
No hopeful MOOOve do I approve,   
The question's MOOOOt, my hope is slack.  

My beef? dear God: my life! my dream!
Where are my calves!  Where goes my cream?
        The fleas, the flies,
        These I despise!
But loss of young!  A grief supreme!

Men push us out at crack of dawn,
When we come home, our calves are gone!
        We think:  How long
        Can this go on?
They think: Calf-skin! Veal Parmesan!

I chew my cud and ruminate
The sad disaster of my fate,
        A mother's heart
        All torn apart!
While growing old and overweight.

Some papal bulls bray: Don't Complain!
(Though death and separation reign)
        And saints advise
        "God's ways are wise:
Somehow new life will always rise."

But others say the question's MOOOOOT,
No cow can dig to mystery's root!
        Whatever's true,
        I see why You
Don't answer every time we MOOOOOO!

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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