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51 Jellyfish

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60 Manatee

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Good God, don’t shy away
When lice begin to pray.
One lousy prayer - should never scare
The God of All . . . away.
I’ve had a low self-image
For far too many a year.
Low self-esteem, all experts deem
A destructive atmosphere.
Yes, I need more upbeat thinking,
More self-appreciation.
For self-loathing, like poor clothing,
Conveys inner negation.
I find I’m not as far-out
As some might have supposed,
When I can’t sleep, I just count sheep
Till my tired eyes are closed.
        (Of course the sheep I count
        are those I dwell upon;
        I dig a pillow from their skin
        and lay my head thereon.)
In human hair I flourish,
They call me “Parasite!”
When something’s the worst - of anything cursed.
They say, “It’s lousy!”. . . Right?
Not you, O God! You love my essence,
So lice are here to stay!
My fondest prayer: with You to share
 Many a lousy day!

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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