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Dear God, hear this frog
        From an African bog,
I am croaking my Worship and Dread,
        I'm without teeth or tongue
        So plain words can't be sung:
I'll just slobber zen "koans"  instead.

        I'll applaud all You've planned
        With the clap of one hand,
And give praise to your name with a jump,
        And like trees that are downed
        When nobody's around,
I'll land without making a thump.

        Zen frogs all insist
        One can't claim to exist,
So much less can one's praying be heard,
        To catch something to eat
        We can jump 40 feet --
But a leap of faith still seems absurd.

        But "koans," we find
        Do enlighten the mind:
We kill Buddha whenever we meet him!
        So if you're a frog
        From an African bog,
Though God's absent, it's still wise to greet himů

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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