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The Hare Outruns a Hound

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The Hare Outruns a Hound

& PRAYER to slow down


There once was a hound who discovered a hare

In the woods on the top of a knoll,

He barked in delight and gave chase till the night

But the hare disappeared down a hole.

What a laugh! mocked a shepherd, Can't you be more quick

Hunting food for your puppies and wife?

Answered Hound: Friend, it's one thing to run for your lunch,

-- Another to run for your life!


MORAL: Your needs often decide your performance.

PRAYER to slow down

It comforts me, Holy God outside of time,

to realize that you are time's inventor

– so you have total grasp of the disciplines of living in time:

not to give our life either an unnatural pace

or two slow a tempo,

not to miss opportunities,

not to come late, not to run out of time,

anxieties all too common in our world.

Often we speak to you as if you too were time-bound

– though you aren't.

Instead you live outside of time,

in that land we glimpse just occasionally,

in ecstasy or delight,

a land to which we travel

not by hurrying up but by slowing down.

Guide us there often.



from PRAYERS AND FABLES by William Cleary



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