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How The Wild Things Pray

A Bedbug's Blanket Blessing

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A Bedbug's Blanket Blessing
(Many noble professions are underappreciated)

I bless my job, I bless my life,
I bless my destiny!
My medical vocation
Fits my temper to a tee.

I love the task of testing blood
To see if it is sweet,
Make sure it serves your body parts,
Especially your feet.

I come at night to taste your blood
With perfect bedside care,
And should I find you are unwell,
I add you to my prayer.

I also check the birds and bats
To keep them healthy too,
So "bedbud" is no name for me,
A "Nurse-Bug" is more true.

I never dreamed when I was young
Such grace on me would flood.
Behold! The Nurse-Bug of the World!
(God, may I check your blood?)

Praxis for Today: Find Happy Friends.

excerpted from how the wild things pray by william cleary


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