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How the Wild Things Pray

Lighten Your Heart

The Lively Garden

Prayers of 100 Animals

Prayers and Fables

Prayers for Lovers

Prayers to an Evolutionary God

Prayers To She Who Is

Psalm Services for Group Prayer

Centering Prayers


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Prayers: A few samples

How The Wild Things Pray - Imagined prayers of animals.

The Love of Hugh Manatee - Every created thing, even the toughest, depends on love for survival...

A Bedbug's Blanket Blessing

Lighten Your Heart - Healing psalms of bugs and beasts.

The Headache of a Nuthatch

The Lyric of a Meadowlark - I sing above the anger of the wind...

The Lively Garden - Prayers for Lively Gardeners

A Gardener's Springtime Prayer

A Kohlrabi's Communion - Much that seems bizarre fits in perfectly...

Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z - Poetic prayers of 100 pious animals

Alligator...Zebra (All 100 Prayers online)

Prayers and Fables - Aesop's fables, with offbeat prayers added.

The Hare Outruns a Hound & Prayer to slow down

Prayers for Lovers - Sexual Love as revelation

Equal Time

When Love Is Painful...

Prayers to an Evolutionary God

You are With Us

Boundless Sea

Prayers to She Who Is - - Meditations on feminist theology

Relational Mystery

A Wildness - experiencing amazement...

Psalm Services for Group Prayer - Group ritual for enlightened Christians

The Grace To Shout

Centering Prayers - Contemplative exercises in every faith

Praying with Psalm 121 - I raise up my eyes to the hills...

Your Actions Speak


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