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A Kohlrabi's Communion

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A Kohlrabi's Communion

We give you thanks, Strange Mystery God,
That we are weird like thee.
Even our name, Kohlrabi, hints
We're nature's anomaly.
Like you, few know us by our name,
And we are strange to see:
Our leaves stick straight out from our heads
Like freaks in agony.
Our kin, turnips and cabbages,
Fit any recipe,
But "vegetably incorrect"
And "rabbit food" are we.
Detested, ridiculed and jeered,
The garden's saints we be,
For we live out our humble role
Communioning with Thee,
Mysterious, unearthly, strange,
Intriguing without relief,
We are, like you, Most Holy One,
Nearly beyond belief.

from A LIVELY GARDEN PRAYER BOOK by William Cleary


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