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Since I'm just an imaginary animal,
I'll offer this imaginary prayer:
O Imaginary Lord, with your non-existent sword,
Do away with evil beings everywhere!

Crush the proud who imagine they're immortal!
Save the humble who imagine they are lost!
Come, Imaginary Sire, bless the nations you inspire
With imaginary fire on Pentecost.

This poor unicorn is helpless here before you,
Just the mere imagination of a horse
With a single horn of magic and a story that is tragic
But without a true reality, of course.

But, Real God!  Un-imaginary Spirit!
Womb of Being, thou to whom real creature pray,
Could you give me one tine spark of being?
Work your magic!  Don't you do it every day?

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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