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The Grace To Shout

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The Grace To Shout – A Prayer

We ask the grace today to shout when it hurts even though silence is expected of us; and to listen when others shout though it be painful to hear; to object, to protest, when we feel, taste, or observe injustice, believing that even the unjust and arrogant are human nonetheless, and therefore worthy of strong efforts to reach them.

Take from us, Guiding God, the heart of despair, and fill us with courage and understanding.

Give us a self that knows very well when the moment has come to protest.

We ask the grace to be angry

when the weakest are the first to be exploited

and the trapped are squeezed for their meager resources

when the most deserving are the last to thrive

and the privileged demand more privilege.

We ask for the inspiration to make our voice heard

when we have something that needs to be said,

something that rises to our lips despite our shyness,

And we ask the grace to listen when the meek finally rise to speak

and their words are an agony for us. . . .




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