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Lighten Your Heart

The Headache of a Nuthatch

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Please explain, dear God of Light,
Why it's so hard to know what's right,
      Why it's so tough for birds like me
       To crack the nuts of mystery.

Yes, I am famous from my youth
For heady searches for the truth,
     Chestnut or acorn, none's too tough
     If I just smack it hard enough.

Using my bill for a hatchet blade,
Wham! and it's cracked, its wealth displayed,
     Yes, but meanwhile my head's in pain,
     Eyes that won't focus, neck with a sprain.

Why, when the thirst for wisdom wakes,
Knowledge such bloody entrance makes?
     Why hide the truth that life should teach
     Under a shell, so out of reach?

Nuthatchers ask -- but Silence reigns,
All we can do is bruise our brains,
     Bashing our beaks through hull and husk,
     Hunting sweet wisdom, dawn to dusk. . . .


from LIGHTEN YOUR HEART by William Cleary



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