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We boobies won't praise you, O God,
When you deserve a hiss,
It's you designed our waddling walk,
Our sky-high dives that MISS.

        Though goose-sized, still like any hawk
        And acting on a hunch,
        We dive-bomb fish -- but often end
        With nothing for our lunch.

So "booby" is our given name,
And scoffs and sneers are many
As we race after flying fish
But seldom catch us any.

        In love, we take high booby steps
        To show how blue our toes  
        While whistling males chant to the sky,
        And hens groan through their nose.

RIDICULOUS!  That sums us up,
Our booboos never stop,
So "booby" prizes are the ones
That go to those who flop.

        The one achievement that we prize
        Is that we've endless ardor --
        However often we should fail --
        We just try all the harder.

Though winning prizes is a dream
Our destinies withhold,
We've learned to smile at our mistakes!
And that's more dear than gold.

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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