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Group One

1 Alligator

2 Anemone

3 Ant

4 Antelope

5 Aphid

6 Armadillo

7 Badger

8 Bat

9 Bear

10 Beaver

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Dear God most high, great Mystery Deep,
I hope tonight you're not asleep
And this, our prayer, awakens you
And interrupts a dream or two.

We badgers come alive at night
And raise our faces, black and white,
To you -- in prayer that we will spy
Fat grubs this night in good supply.

We sense You're deep within the ground,
A secret place that few have found,
But we will find you, soon or late:
There's nothing we can't excavate.
We're diggers extraordinaire
And love researching everywhere
To find each night our daily bread,
And then by dawn we're back in bed.

So smile, great God of earthen face,
And grant us grubs and truth and grace,
Provide our feast of things that creep,
And then you can go back to sleep.

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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