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Sing with bizz and buzz and zing
To the God of Everything,
Who has made mosquitoes proud
To rank high above the crowd.
        It’s a female happening,
        When mosquitoes start to sing -
        Since the thirsting in our hearts
        Doesn’t move male counterparts.
Valiant Sisters, then, are we
Giving thanks, O God, to thee,
Who has made us Mercy Nuns,
Drawing blood - for little ones,
        Not ourselves! We simply quest
        For blood donors - who are blest
        With a chance to do some good
        For the humble - as they should.
Alas, we’ve heard our caring rites
Falsely called “mosquito bites,”
No! Our hypodermic nose
Simply probes, then IN it goes!
        Out comes blood! We flash away
        Before a slap can spoil our day,
        And swim triumphant through the air,
        Home in time for evening prayer.
O Spirit, who makes all things new,
Give us strength and courage too
To ask the rich to share their grace,
To make this earth a better place.

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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