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It's not that I trust in novenas!
Good God!  But what else can I do?
        So often I've prayed
        All in vain, I'm afraid:
Nine prayers in a row might get through.

So my first prayer's to be less "endangered"!
My second's -- to always find love!
        My third fond request
        Is to not be named  "Pest,"
And my fourth is to fly -- like a dove!
(Excuse my presumption, Creator,
But to creep like a lizard's a bore,
                My body meanders
                Like all salamanders'
While my spirit is longing to soar!)

My fifth prayer is not to have scales
That are loathsome, repulsive, and wrong!
        My sixth fond petition:
        For years I've been wishin'
To grow more than 4 inches long!

My 7th and 8th prayer intentions
Are to change to some two-parted name
        Like Jack Daw or Ca-nute,
        For this single sound "Newt" --
Suggests "Gingrich" be added for fame.

My 9th prayer:  Add more magic powers
Like the miracle feat I can do:
        (Should I lose a limb
        While I'm having a swim
I can grow one that's utterly new!)

Dear God, warm with slime and affection,
Hear nine prayers from a lizard that's cute,
        All I'm asking, it seems:
        Just fulfill all my dreams!
Your affectionate underling,

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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