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Strengthen me, Most Holy One,
To face my problems that abound,
With courage and intelligence.
No "cover-up!"  No "runaround!"

Alas, my poor soul hates to face
Whatever dangers frighten me,
Instead I cover up my head
Or use my mighty legs to flee.

        Is it because I have the power
        To run at 40 miles an hour
        That I have never learned to fly
        Like birds who rocket through the sky?

        Why do I love to just pretend
        That if I hide, my troubles end?
        That this "great bird" folks think I am
        Is an illusion and a sham?

O Holy One, give me the grace
Of one pure hour of honesty,
Then strengthen me as I become
The bird that I was meant to be:
        Using my speed, my kick, my size,
        My awkward shape, my awesome claws,
        To face with the brave all fearsome things,
        For many a high and noble cause.  

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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