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If you hear me in the morning and think: "There's the Morning Dove!"
        You've erred: that's not the spelling of my name,
Instead my call is mournful, since I mourn  from dawn to dusk
        This world's disgrace, heartache, despair and shame.

But that's my coup! my "brilliantly accomplished stratagem":
        That out of this dark world a song can start,
My mourning coo can soften all the edges of despair,
        And turn the night to morning in your heart.

A Mourning Dove I be, small,  grayish-brown with spotted tail,
        A tiny dash of pink beneath my chin,
And though I mourn, I coo a song of courage through the pain,
        To bravely never-mind what might have been.

Good God, beneath the Mystery of sorrow and despair
        We also hear a clear creative call,
So doves accept the role of making music out of pain,
        Yet adding tones of hope beneath it all.  

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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