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Forgive my snobbery, Great God of All,
My stinging, brusk, unmitigated gall,
My bouts of arrogance and condescension
And frequent sins of pride too great to mention.

I am a snob -- like Thee! -- privileged and smart,
Unable to forget how great we art.
Superior am I, and fearsome too
It's clear that I am modeled after You!

I'm named a "Wasp" -- of that I should protest,
Mnemonic for Wee Agile Stinging Pest.
Still I give thanks I'm not like other bugs,
A cut above the rest, for all their snubs.

My special world of privilege and blood
Expects I'll build God's kingdom out of mud,
So this I do, as one of the elite,
Rich, pious, noble, proud and most discrete.

You do forgive "pride justified," now don't you?
You'll make us sheep at your Last Judgment, won't you?
We feed the hungry --  when it's in our power,
We serve the thirsting drinks at any hour,

If any Wasps are snobbish, we disown them.
If there are flaws among us, we bemoan them,
One prayer we call ahead to your Great Phone Room:   
Might we reserve front pews in Heaven's Throne Room?

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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