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I much regret, O Lord Divine,
The reputation that is mine:
Lies and untruths become a flood
Until one's name is worse than mud.

Wolves, folks are told, are vicious beasts
Who turn chance meetings into feasts,
Crafty and cunning from our birth,
Who in sheep's clothing roam the earth
        Seeking something to devour --
        Whatever falls within our power.

Nothing's farther from the truth!
Great God, we're gentle from our youth,
Wolf packs are villages of love
Where young and old fit hand-in-glove.

        Unlike wild beasts, we mate for life
        And raise our puppies without strife,
        For food, wolves follow earth's menu
        The same as doves and love birds do.

We're crafty? Please, dear God, get real!
Come to our den and have a meal!
Cocktails are at half past three.
What's for dinner?  
Wait and see…

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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