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Dear God, please hear the raspy song
I send out from my hiding place.
        My heart is lonely, and I long
        To see compassion on your face
Toward noisy bugs whose faith is strong,
Who hop through life from grace to grace.
My horns are long, so I look fierce,
But my green heart is full of fears.
        So come, warm God, hop to my side
        Until my terror disappears.
My feet are listening for your voice -
For that is where you put my ears.
I have no gift to speak or sing,
So I must pray with this rough tune:
        I scratch my leg across my wing
        And make love music to the moon,
And pray that leaps of faith will bring
Me to your presence, late or soon.
You taught me how to hop so high,
Now teach me how to hope in thee.
        You taught my heart to yearn to fly,
        Now give me deep humility.
You’ve bound me tight to earth and sky,
Now give me faith to set me free.

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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