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Should I put all my fears aside?
Am I too quickly terrified?
When farmer begs,
I lay my eggs!
(Is he plotting chickencide,
To sell  me to Kentucky Fried?)

Oh, dear, what myriad fears are mine!
At every noise I screech and whine
O God of All,
Please Hear my call!
Don't let me end a trembling mess
Of dread,, suspicion, fear and stress.

Yes, cowards die a thousand deaths,
Courageous folks but once! Still, breaths
Of threatened ills
Give me the chills,
Of doom and gloom, while dangers loom,
And every step leads to the tomb!

Born a chicken, I can't change,
My chicken heart so shy and strange,
Easy to scare:
Look out!  Beware!
These warnings spook me through and through!
I'm scared of my own shadow too!

God, can we lay these fears on you?
Ask that you even feel them too?
Learn how to cope,
Learn how to hope,
Knowing your love will see us through?
Don't chicken out! We're trusting you.

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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