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Should people call me "Daddy?"
and "Longlegs?" Is it right?
        Creator Wisdom, people call me that!
But "Abba" -- which means "daddy" --
was Yeshua's name for you!
        Aren't you inclined to take offense thereat?

Perhaps it shows affection
when nicknames come your way,
        and "Daddy Longlegs" fits the legs I've got:
The "Daddy" means I'm harmless,
My legs are extra long,
        and there are eight of them, that's quite a lot.

But you, Supreme Creator:
is it appropriate
        to nickname you as Yeshua dared to do?
Are you a harmless Abba?
a caring Oma too?
        or ought we fear the very thought of you?

You see my honest quandary!
forgive me if today
        I choose for prayer this philosophic song:
With you, I'll opt for friendship
and joy to be not feared
        though we're both passing great, with legs quite long

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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