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51 Jellyfish

52 Junebug

53 Kangaroo

54 Kitty

55 Ladybug

56 Lemming

57 Louse

58 Lovebug

59 Maggot

60 Manatee

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When I consider how I'm odd
In how I look and move, dear God,
An awkward hopping kangaroo
Without a prayer to offer you,
I raise my forepaws, bent and frail,
To show I'm thankful for my days,
then leaning on my stubby tail
I kick both feet in solemn praise.

I think you smile to see my fears:
My pointed snout, my upright ears,
My furry form some six feel tall
(With cousins but six inches small.)
Do you delight in me today,
Hip-hopping till my feet are sore?
Grant at my death, as last I may
Hop in your pouch forevermore.

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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