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Behold, this manatee named Hugh,
Cries out in prayer, God of the Sea,
Though thickly skinned and seldom seen,
Still I'm endangered as can be.

        For food I dive down deep below,
        And now and then come up for breath,
        But oil spills can spoil the food
        And boat propellers can mean death.

Who cares about my unsafe life?
Who cares about Hugh Manatee?
Sure, "Love your neighbor as yourself,"
But who says "THAT applies to ME!"

        To love my neighbor as myself
        The first one I must love is me,
        So I have made my lifelong quest
        To learn to love Hugh Manatee.

I love my coat, gray-black and slick,
My broad round tail that gives control,
I'm proud to be a swimming ace
Who never harms a living soul.

        Be with me, God of All that is
        And hear my strong and humble plea
        That human hearts throughout the world
        Soon learn to love Hugh Manatee.

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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