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51 Jellyfish

52 Junebug

53 Kangaroo

54 Kitty

55 Ladybug

56 Lemming

57 Louse

58 Lovebug

59 Maggot

60 Manatee

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Forgive me, God, for crying out,
        you're not the one to blame,
You know the curse that saddens me:
        the burden of my name.
Yes, I was born a "Ladybug"
        but of the male persuasion,
My world is all female defined
        no matter the occasion!

They own the church, they run the world,
        They credit or condemn,
They make a mess, then ask us males     
        to clean it up for them.
They think of You as female too!
        Believe me, that's the worst.
A female God makes males a joke,
        Invisible and cursed.

Dear God, give them new eyes to see
        how you gave double powers
To solve the puzzles of the world
        and make creation ours.
The sexes are not opposite,
        just different, not the same,
Males bring new genius, and new strength,
        And not just a new name.  

Sexism is a brutal sin
        And leaves us males accurs'd,
How would the ladies like it
        If our roles were reversed?
They'd curse like fiends and then explode
        Like nitroglycerin,
So let them sweat it not if we
        Get strident now and then.

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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