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51 Jellyfish

52 Junebug

53 Kangaroo

54 Kitty

55 Ladybug

56 Lemming

57 Louse

58 Lovebug

59 Maggot

60 Manatee

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With all my noble maggot’s soul
        I magnify you, God,
And call your works all wonderful,
        Though scoffers find that odd.
“You legless grub, you loathsome worm,”
        They shout: “You’re so inferior!”
“You have no head, yet eat all day,
        And breathe through your posterior!”
Dear God, how blind! - to criticize
        The magic of creation,
Where maggots raise flesh from the dead
        Through transubstantiation.
How beautifully the cycle spins
        When beings eat each other,
And one loved creature seems to die,
        Then rises in another.
Not only rises, but grows wings
        And soon begins to soar
Throughout the azure sky above
        And sings at heaven’s door.
So with this grateful grubby heart
        I honor my Creator,
Who gives us death so we can then
        Turn into something greater.

from the forthcoming book Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z, by William Cleary



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