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  Centering Prayers, Cover

Centering Prayers

(l995) (formerly In God's Presence) "Superb!" says William O'Malley, S.J. "I will use it and use it and use it." And Bernard Cooke: "An excellent companion to Tony de Mello's Sadhana." (Twenty Third Publications $9.95) /discounts at Amazon.com


Centering Prayers (formerly In God's Presence) is more than a prayer book.  It is an invitation to a simple kind of communication with God called Centering, a communication that may involve every aspect of our lives and everything we do and say.  It is an invitation to experience one way of responding to the mystery of God's presence and to know the wonder, the joy, the ecstasy of spirituality....(23rd Publications $9.95)

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From p. 47


Divine, quiet Love,
excuse me for not listening enough.
In silence I start to hear:
My heart beats, my breath moves,
my eyes blink, then close.
Then I watch the flow of my thoughts.
Alert I rest.

In the things you do, Holy God,
I read your answers to my prayers,
your response to my attempts to pray.
Let me put before us today your actions
for they are the only answers to my prayers
I ever expect to receive,
and I should not be surprised
that you do not answer in words or miracles
for all your actions are miracles enough. . . .

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