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  We Side with the Morning, Cover

We Side with the Morning

Daily Prayers to the God of Hope

Edward Hays: "excellent...courageous..."
Theologian Jane Redmont: "moving...accessible", it "will appeal to skeptics".

The author claims it was written partly for the non-religious like recent books by Bishop Spong. The background context, reports Cleary, is a population who relate to spirituality but not necessarily to a religion. Cleary’s recent books have a scientific bias, like his Prayers to an Evolutionary God from SkyLight Paths, 2006. ($15.95)


The Publisher: "In this timely book of candid, powerful, and thought-provoking prayers, William Cleary gives courage and hope to those who find it difficult to connect with the divine in the midst of uncertainty. Cleary's newest work is an engaging expression of faith in a God who often seems entirely "other"--and it recognizes that true faith is not bought cheaply. We Side with the Morning provides 365 prayers on subjects ranging from doubt, social injustice, and the inevitability of death--to joy, peace, and the mystery of a loving, personal God who hears the prayers of each person."

Buy it (Sorin Books) (574 287 2831) Buy it (Amazon)


We Hear Your Whisper: For an alert piety

We hear your whisper, Silent Creator, in the scent of moonflowers, closing their blooms as the sun rises. Your being glows there, and everywhere that life is, sometimes stopping us in our tracks to pause and sense the sweet bouquet of a living thing thriving out of sight, but much in evidence to the alert. Give us ears to hear your messages in the air around us, irrepressible Spirit, alert to the soaring music just below the surface of life.



January 2

You Answer: In touch with God

Ultimate Mystery, Holy God, womb and creator of all that is, you hear the cries of our being whenever our hearts beat. You hear the body language of our needs and desires in our every motion and action. Your answer to our communication is the continuance of our being, the energies of our living organs, and the magnetic pull of our destiny. It is an elegant two-way interaction, and we rejoice enthusiastically to be part of it and aware of it.



January 3

Living Energy: Appreciating life itself

Living Energy, who knows us the way you created us as well as the way we have shaped ourselves, we greet you in the Cloud of Unknowing, reaching for mutuality with you, some level of real communication. Along with you we agonize for the earthly failures of love, and for human pain and violence, and with you we rejoice at the slanting morning sunrise and the heroism sprouting like the wildflowers surprising us everywhere. We give thanks for the good parts of earthly life, and long to enhance them however we can today.


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