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How the Wild Things Pray

The Jesuit's Escape

Letter To My Son

Lighten Your Heart

Lively Garden Prayer Book

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Prayers For Lovers

Prayers to an Evolutionary God

Prayers To She Who Is

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We Side with the Morning

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All books by William Cleary
may be ordered from AMAZON or from Hopkins Bookshop, call 800.639.3611 or Hopkins_Bookshop@juno.com

We Side With the Morning: Daily Prayers to the God of Hope   ($15.95)
Edward Hays: "excellent"... "courageous."
Theologian Jane Redmont: "moving"... "accessible,"...it "will appeal to skeptics."

Amazon or Hopkins Books (877) 287 2422.

The Jesuit's Escape   ($14.95)
Infinity Books   (877) BUY BOOK
Amazon or Hopkins Books (877) 287 2422.
John Devine   "a great pleasure"

Prayers to an Evolutionary God ($21.99)
afterword by Diarmuid O'Murchu
published by SkyLight Paths 802.457.4000
Wayne A. Holst (CNS) ..."important"

How the Wild Things Pray
Preface by Jane Redmont
Elizabeth Johnson "A really fine book and wonderful to pray with."
Megan McKenna "What a delight!"

The Lively Garden Prayer Book
Introduction by Miriam Therese MacGillis
Edward Hays "I found the creative style delightful and fresh . . . ." Kathleen Fisher ". . . insightful and delightful. . ."

Praying Your Story ($12.95) More adult meditations on Aesop
Robert Blair Kaiser "I loved it. Playful and profound."

Prayers For Lovers
Michael Crosby "the perfect Valentine's Day gift." Harville Hendrix ". . . a wonderful book."

Lighten Your Heart
Healing Psalms of Bugs and Beasts ($6.95)
Anthony Padovano ". . . a perfect solace at the end of a turbulent day...."
Dennis Linn "Cleary has a genius for illuminating how each animal yearns to help us on our journey...."

Prayers To She Who Is
($12.95) "...a beautiful book." Elizabeth Johnson

Prayers and Fables ($14.95) Adult meditations on Aesop

Psalm Services for Group Prayer ($12.95) Meditations and biblical psalms for prayerful meetings

Centering Prayers/ In God's Presence ($9.95) Prayers and reflections for meditational use

TWO BOOKS at UUA Bookstore (800-215-9076)

The ABCs for UU Newcomers ($6.95) An adult explanation of Unitarian Universalism.

My UU ABCs ($4.95) A companion explanation for children.

ONE BOOK at Marquette University Press (800-247-6553)

Selving: Linking Work to Spirituality ($15.00).

ONE BOOK from FCM Publications

Tales From the Vatican
($15 postpaid)

FOUR FILMS from Billy Budd Films, NYCity (212-755-3968)

Me and the Monsters

The Booboo Monster

To Be a Woman (with F. Moynihan)

To Be a Man (with F. Moynihan)

Aesop's Best: 80 Fables in Verse Click to see them.
Letter To My Son: The Sin of Celibacy See chapter one by clicking on the above title.
Prayers of 100 Animals A to Z Click to see them.



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