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  Prayers for Lovers, Cover

Prayers for Lovers

(l997) "Deliciously spiritual, inspirationally rich" Dolly Fleming, Trinity College.. "....It is the perfect Valentine's Day gift" (Fr. Michael Crosby). "A wonderful book" Harville Hendrix "An absolutely exquisite book" J.G., Chicago, Ill. "A morsel book - one page at a time - so many beautiful insights" P.K. Mystic, Ct. "Quite overwhelming." T. O'N, Miami, Fla. "A robust spirituality for the sexually alive" from the cover. (Forest of Peace $14.95).


Cleary's contemporary prayers channel some of love's energy into illumination. They point to Love as the meaning of sexuality, and see sex as a context for contemplation. Sprinkled among the prayers are quotes from poets, mystics and romantics. Prayers for Lovers is a beautiful gift for Valentine's Day, anniversaries or weddings, or any nice day at all....(Forest of Peace $17.95). Click to see it & read it (and buy it?).

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From p. 36
Equal Time

It is impossible to believe, Holy One,
that what we find most full of delight in this life,
will not in some way be a part of the next,
that we will spend eternity adoring you
in all you've made, Divine Creator,
and not at least equal time
adoring each other.

May it be so.

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